Washington State has opted-in to FirstNet: What Next

After careful consideration Washington state opted-in to FirstNet on December 26, 2017.

The decision allows AT&T under the brand FirstNet Built With AT&T to offer public safety wireless services in the state. The state was required by the Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2012 to consider whether to opt in at no cost to the state to FirstNet’s design for a public safety network in Washington or opt out and build a new network for the state paid for by the state.

What’s next?

The decision to procure the services of FirstNet or any other wireless provider is at the discretion of state, local and tribal agencies and should be based on business need, cost and availability of carrier services in areas of operation. The opt-in decision does not obligate the state or any local or tribal agency to use FirstNet Built With AT&T.

What is the state doing to ensure the best options for public safety wireless services?

Washington State is a partner in NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Organization.
The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services is working to negotiate to ensure interoperability, accurate coverage mapping, network accountability, and the best rates possible with all public safety wireless carriers on the contract, including FirstNet Built With AT&T.

How can you help the program succeed?

Your State Point of Contact (SPOC)

for public safety wireless communications and the Department of Enterprise Services have partnered to negotiate the best wireless communication services that meet needs of first responders. Your feedback and input are critical for establishing and managing a strong performance-based contract as well as successful ongoing relationships with providers.

How does my agency take advantage of the state negotiated rates?

Currently, 1,456 entities in Washington and the Oregon Cooperative Procurement Programs (ORCPP) have signed the master contract usage agreement (MCUA) which allows them to purchase from the State’s Master contract list and from the NASPO ValuePoint Wireless Communications contract (contract 06012). An MCUA is a one-time agreement that is established at no cost. (Click here to verify if your organization has signed the Master Contract Usage Agreement (MCUA)).

Who should I contact for more information?

Shelley Westall, State Point of Contact for Public Safety Wireless Technology

Office: (360) 407-8697      Mobile: (360) 556-2545      Email: shelley.westall@ocio.wa.gov

Minette Knotts