A message from Washington’s FirstNet Single Point Contact, Bill Schrier, regarding yesterday’s events in Dallas:

Today is a difficult day for those of us working with law enforcement, Washington OneNet and FirstNet. We acutely feel the pain of the police officers, civilians and families of the Dallas Police Department. For the past several years we’ve worked with our own first responders throughout the state and can’t help but share their worry and concern as they go about their jobs today.

You all are proud of the work you do supporting the development of FirstNet though the Washington OneNet program. I’ve seen that pride manifest itself in many ways, in what you say and what you do. We do that work because we are convinced we can help improve the safety and quality of life of Washington’s 7 million residents through wise use of technology and the deployment of the nationwide public safety wireless broadband network.

Thank you for continuing to “spread the word” about FirstNet, to evangelize it, to work towards making it happen. I’m convinced we are, in some small measure, improving the safety of our citizens and our first responders.